Booking your Wedding Photographer

Why book a professional wedding photographer?

Yes its true everyone’s got a camera on their phone, there are some apps that take really good photos on them and most people know someone who has a good camera and likes to take pictures but is that the same?
Are you thinking of asking that friend with a nice camera if they’ll be your wedding photographer.

Here are a few reasons why you really should be looking for a professional wedding photographer to capture your wedding?

Be our guest – You want your guests to enjoy the day!

Wedding photographers work over 10 hours on a wedding day.  Taking pictures all day long, your friend /family member might not be able to relax and enjoy the day as your guest. Let them come and enjoy themselves!

ERROR – Professional photographers carry back-ups!

Do not chances – the wedding day is too important.  I always carry a back-up camera on me throughout the day, so if the worst happens, I can still capture those one-off moments. In addition to a back-up camera, I carry spare lenses,  batteries, flashes, and memory cards (lots of them) sewing kits, pain-killers, hair grips, and tissues.

Just turn up on the day, take a few pictures that would be great

Yes okay, you may think that there really is nothing to it, but you are not going to ask the chef if your friend can come in and use his kitchen to cook the food because they do a great Sunday roast!  There’s more to it than meets the eye. 
The reality is that the professional photographer will have planned out the whole day in advance, working with your timetable of the day, watching the weather, knowing where the sun will be and when it will set, it’s all about the light!  They work with your venue, mapping out some great locations for photographs, making sure your day runs smoothly. 
They will spend several-day editing and enhancing all your photos to make them look as beautiful as possible.

Professional photographers have invested time and money into their craft, sourcing the right equipment, and training because they love what they do. A good photographer wants to get the WOW factor, to capture images you will want to frame and hang on your walls. 
Whereas your guests will be wanting to catch up with family members, your photographer will be concentrating on your photography.

Anyone can buy the professional camera but tt’s really not all about the gear

Professional photographers have spent countless hours with a camera in their hand, they know it back to front. But it’s much more about the artistry, how to compose a shot, how to take stunning images in all different lighting and weather conditions, how to take beautiful photos all day long. Auto mode on the camera doesn’t mean you can just point and click and expect wonderful wedding photography.

Accidents will happen! – Professional photographers are insured

Where there is blame there is a claim.  We have some amazing venues available for weddings in the North East from stately homes to country barns, they offer wedding days to thousands of brides every year but…. what If your friend who you’ve asked to take your photos breaks something at the venue, or injures themselves or someone else while taking pictures for you, what happens?  Did you know that most wedding venues will require an insurance certificate from the photographer.


Please remember, your photos are the only lasting memory of the day, the food, cake, and flowers will not survive- don’t take any risks. You’ve only got one chance to capture those memories, so you need a photographer who you can totally trust.


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