Sarah & Craig’s Tipi Wedding

This Bride and Groom wanted a relaxed chilled out wedding day and a party in the evening so The New Plough in Newcastle was the perfect venue.

The day started for me with the Bride, Sarah and her family at home getting ready with hair, makeup and a few drinks even the father of the bride got in on the act.  It was great fun.  The whole day was seemless and very chilled.  When Sarah walked into the tipi I am sure I heard Craig take a big breath to hold in his emotions, she looked amazing and her dress was just perfect.  Surrounded by family and friends they became Husband and Wife to the joy and excitement of all in the tipi.

Following the reception drinks and yummy cocktails, I took the happy couple down the road to an open space to take their pictures.  It was a lovely part of the day where the couple got to chat and relax with each other, the joy of photographing with a long lens is that I can’t hear what they are saying to each other so I can just observe and capture the natural interaction between them and only posing them when I needed to.

We then went back to the New Plough for the reception meal, speeches and of course the party in the evening with the band Hip Operation which was fantastic fun.

Here’s a quick look at the highlights from their big day.

The New Plough is the perfect venue for couples that want a venue that is a little different.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the North East please get in touch.