Radisson Blu Durham Wedding | Laura & Mark

Laura and Mark’s Rustic Autumn Durham wedding was a day so full of joy, love, and laughter, I’m still smiling now.

There was everything a wedding should have – friends and family surrounding them to celebrate the love of a couple who were clearly smitten with each other.

Durham Wedding Day

The fun began as the bride got ready at The Radisson Blu hotel in Durham, the ladies had enjoyed a relaxing morning with when I arrived in a room filled with lots of giggling and excitement. We soon realised that there was someone missing from the preparation group.  The hairdresser and makeup artist had failed to show up! Yes this is a bride’s worst nightmare but Laura took it in her stride, and I put my camera aside after offering my services in hairdressing.

Durham City provided the perfect backdrop for the festivities – a stunning view down the river towards the cathedral provided a great setting for some lovely natural portraits of the happy couple.

The evening party was equally memorable, with a fantastically energetic singing and dancing which pretty much everyone got involved in.

Read on to hear their story…

The met whilst at The University of Roehampton, in London, Mark was in his second year Laura was in her first. They stayed friends for about six months and were best friends and just kind of got together, so when people ask, did you have any awkward first dates, the answer is no because they were already good friends. So the process was enjoyable. You just can’t write better love stories than this.

Mark proposed to Laura at Disney World Florida it was right in front of the castle and was Laura’s first time to the states and just after a romantic meal at, ‘Tony’s Italian” the restaurant from “The Lady and the Tramp”, Laura’s favourite film.

When asked “What was the highlight or your favorite part of your wedding day?”

For Laura, the first dance and the cutting of the cake was her favourite part as she could finally relax fully and when everyone came onto the dance floor at the end of the song, really the feeling of togetherness for everyone

For Mark, the speeches were the best part of the day, as the speeches were heartfelt and funny and were so nice to hear all the lovely words said about Mark and his wife. Also to look out and to see everyone who was there.

I asked the Laura and Marc why was photography important to them and why did you choose Michelle Mercer Photography Their answer was;

“to capture the true emotions of people on the day is priceless, and Michelle did a spectacular job at this, looking through the photos it tells a story better than any words can. Formal Photos are great but rarely tell a story. We chose Michelle initially because of her great work, but one thing I didn’t really think of is the personality she brings to each of the photos, most of the people we spoke to at the wedding fair we attended seemed like they were only doing it for a job. However, this is Michelle’s life and passion and went above and beyond our expectations of what a photographer can do with a camera and have made looking back at them even more special. “

I asked them both if they have any advice for brides and grooms who are planning their own Wedding Day?

“It will be stressful, it will be handwork, things will go wrong and people won’t show up… However, it will be the best day of your lives and will be worth every bit of stress and worry. You may not feel that it’s worth the stress, but trust me it will be and having someone to document the day for you to relive those memories is every bit as important as the day itself.”

What is your favorite part of being married now?

We get to do everything for the first time again, for example, first time on holiday as a married couple, the first kiss in the snow as a married couple, first Christmas as a married couple.

Congratulations to you both are was wonderful to capture your wedding day.













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